The Elfin Child Fantasy Series

The Elfin Child and it's sequel The Elfin Child II are wonderful fantasy stories originally written for Children with a reading age of 8+ but also popular with Adults. Available on Amazon and many other on-line stores but also available as signed copies from

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Our Universal Family

Devoted toward helping bring unity, love, peace, and harmony to Our Universal Family and also helping spark more of a worldwide discussion.

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The Light Bringer

When she reached the first hills of the Italic Mountains, she had a last view back on the skyline of her hometown Bookmarksgrove, the headline of Alphabet Village and the subline of her own road, the Line Lane.

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Threads - Kaylin McFarren Series

Kaylin McFarren's books are now available in two formats: eBook -,, and Barnes & Noble Trade paperback -,, and Barnes & Noble .

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Echoes From The Oasis

In 1814, the war being raged on the seas of the Indian Ocean by the all-powerful Franco-British naval forces trying to dominate the lucrative trade routes to India, had ended with a truce .

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Featured Books

in the 2016 Illumination Awards!

"Journey with this tiny star as it seeks its purpose in the Milky Way Galaxy and discovers that it is destined to participate in a wonderful Christmas event!"

Beautiful and vivid illustrations complement this unique re-telling of the birth of Baby Jesus.

Comments about the book:

1)  "the Star" (by Michele Breza) is an enchanting book with a great message. I purchased it for my 4-year-old niece and she loves it. Highly recommended." -- Margaret Brown, Shelf Unbound magazine, THE NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE, INC. Lifetime Member

"It was amazing. This book is wonderful for children, young adult, and adults. I highly recommend for a fresh view of the familiar Christmas story. " -- Lisa Fabian rated it 5 stars on GoodReads.

3) "
I absolutely adored this. I gave it to my niece and nephew after reading it myself. Such a sweet story about a star with a very important purpose. A great story for around Christmas time." -- Jezier C. Akin rated it 5-stars on GoodReads.

"the Star" is a delightful tale of a star looking for it's purpose and wishing to be great. The dark illustrations with their barely there shadow trees in some cases and their easier to see colorful pictures in others make the book. I also love that the book introduces several constellations and explains the Star of Bethlehem. I would definitely recommend this book to small children. (I received this in a GoodReads giveaway.) - Kathleen rated it 4-stars on GoodReads.

My Memoir is a testimony to making the correct decision to leave my comfort zone and fully embrace a new life with unbridled passion. As you join my interior and exterior voyages via diaries, poems, paintings, memories of emotional upheavals, mistakes, self-doubts and the eventual pure joy of allowing my dreams to unfold, you may agree that the creative harnessing of the unexpected may be a much wiser choice than fearing it. 
It was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who is credited with saying "all things are in flux, like a river." 
Do be sure to check out my youtube pieces about 'my island' of Poros - 
( ). You'll probably understand why I moved here and felt compelled to lay down my paintbrush long enough to write GREEKSCAPES Journeys with an Artist. Now, back to my studio - 
Yeia Mas!

The Boy Who Fell from the Sky is the first of a mind-twisting new YA dystopian series

"Beautifully written."
"A gripping page-turner set in a well-thought-out future."

"I barely put the book down, and almost missed my train stop."

"It's like something that came out of my imagination and daydreams."

The world is falling apart in 2055. Another flood has devastated London and it's the eve of the First Space War. With the city locked down, sixteen-year-old Mathew Erlang is confined to his house with only his cat, his robot and his holographic dragons for company.

Desperate for a distraction from the chaos around him, Mathew becomes fascinated by his peculiar and reclusive neighbour, August Lestrange. Mathew begins to investigate Mr. Lestrange, turning to the virtual world of the Nexus and Blackweb for answers. But as he digs deeper, Mathew realises that Mr. Lestrange doesn't seem quite human.

When Mathew accidentally finds himself trapped in Lestrange's house, he opens a door and falls four hundred years into the future. Unwittingly, he starts to destabilise the course of human history.

A 1984 for a new generation, The Boy Who Fell from the Sky delves into a future where climate change and technology have transformed the world. It is the first book in The House Next Door trilogy, a young adult dystopian science fiction action adventure. Mathew's story continues in Silverwood.

She had the dreams. She had the dirt and the blood of wounds to prove it. She was living another life in a different realm.

When twenty-three-year-old Evangeline Sinclair is not floating through the grey halls of the corporate world, she is researching dolphins in the blue waters of the Bahamas, at the side of a man she is deeply in love with. That is where she is until she wakes.

As she brings physical evidence back from her dreams, she can no longer deny the actuality of this other existence. Evangeline must trust her dreams and the guidance of a mystical being—a dragonfly—to find this man and the life she has come to know and love.

But when she arrives in the Bahamas, she discovers it is not the paradise she had hoped for. She is suddenly caught in the middle of an FBI conspiracy. The fight for survival has begun and her search for love has ended. At least that's what she's been made to believe.

Daria Van is a US History teacher in Broward County, FL. She is trying to wrap her head around one of her students being attacked after leaving her class room. Believing that US History should include everyone, her principal at South City High School in Broward County, FL, attacks her daily accusing her of inciting race riots. After her husband takes a second wife and her principal begins following her, Daria reaches back into her past to locate her brother whose been on the run for twenty years to help her to bring normalcy back into her life.
When you read about someone sailing around the world, it's usually a dotcom millionaire or a professional adventurer. Brave or Stupid? tells a very different story. It's an everyman tale about a middle-aged, seasick electrician with no money who suddenly and for no reason decides to sail around the world. It's the story of Yanne Larsson, a man with a dream born not out of a passion for sailing or a search for identity or the need for a challenge. This is the story of a simple handshake. One of the old-fashion iron-clad ones. 

A casual suggestion over wine with best friend Carl Andersson, turns into one of those ideas that just won't go away. Twenty-four hours later, a handshake decides it. The little details – buying a boat, learning to sail and saving up money – take five years, but in 2002, the two men leave Helsingborg, Sweden on a three-year voyage that will change them forever. Storms, tropical diseases, drama, love and comedy - their story is an adventure like no other. Brave or Stupid? is a book for anyone who has ever gone beyond what is sensible and realistic to discover a whole new world outside and a whole new person inside. This is a book for anyone who still believes in the power of dreams. And handshakes...

45 Five Stars on Amazon
Five Star on.

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Vat Fraud was nothing new to Edward Dantès, Ed to his mates.  He got caught up in almost by accident on his part; it was by careful design on another's.  It had landed him in extreme difficulty for several years.  Her Majesty's Customs & Excise had nicked him and then hashed together a case for two brutal super trials.


Something had certainly gone on.  Not what the revenue men had said, not even close.  They'd missed the real extent of the stuff Ed had gotten himself mixed up in.  Some was legitimate and some certainly wasn't.  Whatever Ed was doing he was trying his best to make his own way in the world. 


Ed had beaten the trials, in the process he got an understanding of how the organisation he referred to as the Church, C & E operated.  He knew the lengths they would go to, how little respect they had for the truth and the law.  He saw just how far they were prepared to go; he thought. So he'd gone straight, for a bit.


That wouldn't last, he had the flavour for fast money.  The travel, the excitement, the living on the edge would always pull him back, once the storm had passed.  Breaking Banus and the clouting Credit Swiss had been good.  He'd got away with both moves.  He had money again and needed more to get his life sorted, where he wanted it.


He knew when Hans walked through the door and laid the waffle on him.  Trading in mobile phones.  The grey market got getting slung up as being the new thing.  It probably existed, but too much of what Hans said stunk of the Gold and Platinum moves, his moves from the early nineties.


Ed knew how the Church operated.  He knew they'd get on it soon enough.  It had been a long while since they'd kicked his door in.  Six years, almost to the day and just maybe he knew how to stay one step ahead of them.  He was on their radar, when his name came up, as it surely would.  It would be they knew, he knew, they knew he was in it.


Ed gets started, he sets out his stall, ready for the day of reckoning from the very start.  All the window dressing and all the roles needed to be played, to beat the trial.  That's all that mattered.  The new kids on the block were flat out.  They think they invented the job, they think the Church aren't to be taken seriously, it's all just fun, they were so so wrong.


Berni is brought in, Ed has his head up and eyes open.  They pull in old school help in Italy.  The gang is operating from Switzerland.  Millions of pounds of high value mobile phones are coming to the UK and leaving on the same day.  The stock moves through the companies in one direction.  Millions of pounds is flowing through the banks in the opposite direction.


The carousel is running.  It's growing.  It becomes the single largest threat to the British economy and in a few short year morphs into a web of international crime and money laundering.  Ed stays at the heart of it for six years.  This is the first book of the carousel trilogy.


And of course the old gang are going to rob a few players in the old fashioned way.  Especially the flash ones that ask for it.  It's almost patriotic the way the targets get selected.

From the squalid tenements of the Lower East Side to the bloody Battle of Belleau Wood, FIXER is the story of Harry Leonnoff, a fearless politician who protects New York's immigrants and poor from a political system that favors the rich and the powerful. Leonnoff confronts gangsters and bigots, saves nine innocent black men from the electric chair, and defies the “Little Flower” – New York's vindictive Mayor Fiorello La Guardia.

What if the whole of History is missing a perspective we would never have considered before? What if the stars themselves are alive? Did you know that when you look up at the Sun it is looking back at you? 

The universe is filled with many wonders which we all take for granted. Yes, it is true, The stars are alive and they have a story to tell. Come sit a spell and join this year's ‘The Telling'. Learn about the stars, learn about our early days, learn about how we all came to be. 

You do like a good story, don't you?
Joy M. Lilley's first novel 'Figs, Vines and Roses' tells a moving tale of love and loss at the turn of the nineteenth century.

In 1888 eight-year-old Issy Merryweather has a comfortable family life in Cobnut Hall, Derby. Sharing carefree summers with her brother Clarence, beloved dog Molly and cherished grandma Ella, Issy enjoys the freedom of childhood innocence. But as she comes of age a move to Kent changes her life forever.

When Issy meets Terence she is enraptured by him and despite his humble background an inseparable bond is formed in secret. But, it's a secret which Issy will never escape after a heartbreaking turn in events…

A different motivational book for developing inner - self confidence in parallel with the attraction universal program ."When I encountered in my life some barriers , I started to find solutions to overpass it , so the law of attraction finded me.I liked it so much ,my passion exploded and I started searching more and more information and after that I was my own demonstration subject for developing inner self - confidence in parallel with the attraction program for materializing desires and that was when I receive this idea to put down my own version of reality for this program and my own special thoughts".It is very different because it mix passion and dedication with confidence and universal program.

AVAILABLE !!! Get your *FREE* ebook Above and Beyond Im Jesus limited.
"The Love of Debbie La'treck" is a compelling story about ten-year-old Debbie, a voracious reader, who begins to live vicariously through literary characters. Debbie's mother, Vivian, grows concerned with her daughter's behavior. The girl has receded into a shell, blocking-out all reality by creating a world that blurs the line between real and make believe.  Vivian struggles to coax Debbie back into reality without taking away her daughter's imaginative spirit. This engaging book explores the delicate balance parents may face when nurturing creative children.

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By Sarah Hill
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Echoes from the Oasis
Book Of The Day
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do what you love every single day? 

Many of us graduate from college and plunge ourselves into the working world, only to realize that our job is not a good fit for us. We feel stuck, not knowing whether to change our career or not. Thoughts and fears run through our mind: 

“I have already invested so much in my previous education. I can’t possibly give it up now.” 
“What if I pick a wrong career path again? Wouldn’t I waste more money and time?” 
“What if I don’t have the talent to pursue what I love?” 

Do you feel trapped in your current job and don’t know what to do about it? 

Fearless Passion aims to release you from the fears that are holding you back and inspire you to take action on your passion. The biggest mistake is not choosing the wrong career — it’s sticking with a career that makes you unhappy. 

Based on the author's own personal story and many others, Fearless Passion shows you how you can expose your hidden fears and harness them, identify your current passions and discover new ones, use your passions to build the skills you wanted, find time to pursue multiple passions and make a smooth career transition. 

Fearless Passion isn't just a book on career change. It's a book to inspire everyone to love themselves more by doing what they love. 

Fearless Passion includes successful stories from: 

  • Yong Kang Chan (the author) - An accountant who left his job to pursue his passion for animation.

  • Simon Gudgeon - A world-renowned sculptor who only discovered his passion for sculpting when he was forty years old.

  • Larry Jacobson - An entrepreneur who gave his successful travel business to sail around the world and later became an award-winning bestseller author.

  • Peter Yang - A senior manager who left his job to set up a social enterprise that helps nonprofit and social organizations.

  • Dan Conway - A jobless youth-worker who created a viral marketing campaign that got him the advertising job he always wanted.

  • TaJuan "TeeJ" Mercer - An award-winning Hollywood TV editor who later became an International Bestselling Author and a reality TV coach.

  • Leanne Spencer - An account director who left her job to be a personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur.

  • Anne Rupert - A manager in the real estate industry who left her job for a six month career break to reconnect her passion for the Arts.

  • Dr Siew Tuck Wah - An aesthetic doctor who used to be afraid of dogs but now heads a nonprofit group to save stray dogs.
  • ...

    Falling in love is easy. So is falling off a cliff. Staying in love - THAT is hard work!

    These three short stories are about romance the hard way - love that has overcome difficulties and come out stronger for it; love that has problems, but is facing them head-on; love that wins out against the odds, against the culture, and sometimes even against common sense:

    * "What Do You See In Me?" - a day in the life of Adam and Melinda, with all of its ups and downs - only some of the downs are lower than others ...

    * "Together Again" - Hank wakes up only to find Brenda in bed next to him. Not a problem, as Brenda is his wife. Or maybe a big problem, as they've been separated for months. What happened? And what will happen next?

    * "Flying Blind" - She was stuck having maybe the worst blind date in the history of civilization. It would take a miracle to turn this night around. Or maybe someone else who was looking for a miracle....
    "I bought your book and enjoyed reading it. Wow, what a ton of helpful information! It is basically a complete guide to starting a business. When I finished it I told my wife it could be used for a college class on starting a business. " Derek Volk, Box Talk Radio ...
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    Latest Philosophical thoughts
    The only way to change the channel of the mind is to have something in place that will allow it to be changed. This is where quietness comes in because without it, there won't even be awareness you're watching a rerun.
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    Latest Poem

    They say she has a beautiful smile

    That it’s contagious

    And that it can light up a room

    But they do not see

    The sadness in her eyes

    They do not see

    The world of pain

    She tries so hard to hide

    Behind her sweet, smiling lips

    The world where dwelt

    A soul too wretched

    To come out into the light

    A creature so torn and damaged

    No tender ministration

    Could soothe or cure

    Her tortured soul cries in silence

    Hidden from all eyes

    Behind her beautiful smile.


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    The only way to change the channel of the mind is to have something in place that will allow it to be changed. This is where quietness comes in because without it, there won’t even be awareness you’re watching a rerun.

    Watching TV is rare for me, but the other night I caught myself sitting in front of the boob tube, catching the last half hour of a program. When the program was over I began channel surfing, looking for something to watch, 20 seconds on one channel, 10 seconds on another 15 on another, than another and another, you get the picture, how quick to change the channel, without hesitation, but isn’t it amazing how we stay on one channel when it comes to the mind. We’re so reluctant to change the channel even though nothing is truly on. Actually what’s mostly on are reruns, yet we’ll watch the same channel (thought) over an over. It’s as if we’re stuck on one channel and don’t know how to go to a different one and in a sense we are.

    Think of something you get fixated on and see how hard it is to change your mind when its got you in its grip. I would say unless there’s extreme awareness of this, changing your channel will be very difficult, not impossible, but difficult. The only way to change the channel of the mind is to have something in place that will allow it to be changed. This is where quietness comes in because without it, there won’t even be awareness you’re watching a rerun. It may be a rerun using some fictitious name, but it’s still a rerun. Watch the subtleness of this and in time you will see your mind for what it is and how it likes to default to familiar channels. The issue is you can get so comfortable watching the reruns that it’s not realized the channel needs to be change, and this realization will only occur if you have a program in place that’s worth changing to.

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    The Conditioned Mind is grounded in darkness and the world is the way it is because not enough people see the light. The light is always there, it just needs to be noticed so one can turn towards it.

    All light has transforming properties to it, that’s why when one sees the light, they’re transformed. Look at a plant, it begins as a seed, it has potential, but it’s still only a seed. You can put it in soil, water it and give it all the nutrients possible, but without a source of light (energy) the transformation from seed to plant will not occur. This transforming light is the source of most of life, there are exceptions to this rule as with deep sea creatures or those in caves, but for the most part it is light that transforms. Go into a dark room and turn on the light, there’s an instant transformation of the room. The walls come alive with color, the furniture and design of the room are also intensified. Without the light the room still exist, but its vibrance is hidden.

    When one wakes up to experience this hidden vibrance, it’s the lights energy that transforms just as it is with a plant or a room. You can be in the dark your entire life, but once there’s light, the darkness is gone. It may return somewhat because of one’s conditioning, but it will never be as dark as it once was, it can’t because there will always be some light. This light is truth revealed, (one’s internal energy of love) and it’s impossible to consciously turn it off. As stated before it will turn off only because of one’s unconscious conditioning, but this light is always on beneath the conditioning because it’s the light (the source) of our existence and the true essence (love) of who we are. The Conditioned Mind is grounded in darkness and the world is the way it is because not enough people see the light, but the light is always there, it just needs to be noticed so one can turn towards it.

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